• Fun, no-pressure games without strikes or outs, where all players hit and circle the bases. Each player gets paired up with a one-on-one helper we call a “buddy” that assists and encourages.
  • Games generally last 45 minutes or 2 innings. Each team bats through the entire batting order every inning.
  • Metal/wood bats are NOT permitted in this division, for safety reasons. Plastic bats only.
  • These games are broken down by age group.
  • No previous baseball experience required.
  • All games end in a tie.


  • Score is kept and there is both a winning and losing team.
  • Youth Competitive Division (Thursdays at 6 pm):  Ages 5-14
  • Adult Competitive Division (Wednesdays at 6 pm): Ages 15 and up
  • Games will last four full innings, unless otherwise announced as shortened due to time constraints.
  • A Miracle League of Arizona staff member or designated volunteer will pitch to both teams.
  • The Competitive Divisions are played with outs and (modified) strikes.
  • If a batter swings and misses five times (foul balls do not count), they will be given the tee to use.  There are no strikeouts.
  • Each half inning will end after either three outs are recorded or 5+ runs are scored.  All runs scored on the play which generates the fifth run count.  (Examples: Four runs already in plus a three-run homer = 7 run inning.  Four runs already in plus two-run double = 6 run inning).
  • No bunting.
  • No inside-the-park home runs in the Adult Competitive Division.   The maximum number of bases a batter can reach on a hit that does not clear the fence is three.
  • No extra base on an overthrow.  If a runner stops at first, second or third, they will remain there even if the ball rolls away.
  • Once the ball is returned to the pitcher, all runners must stop at the base they are currently at or running towards.
  • No leading off the bases.
  • Stealing second and third bases is permitted, after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.  No stealing of home plate.
  • There is no infield fly rule.
  • A player will receive one warning per season about throwing the bat.  Each time thereafter will be an automatic out.
  • All batters and base runners must wear helmets.
  • The Youth Competitive Division uses plastic bats.
  • Adult Competitive Division players may use aluminum and wood bats.
  • The maximum number of defensive players on the field at one time is eleven (six outfielders).
  • All defensive players must stay in their position and allow teammates to field balls hit in their direction.
  • Infielders are permitted to touch only the base closest to them for a force out.  Outs at other bases must be recorded by throwing the ball to a teammate (see diagram).
  • All-games are played with a soft, baseball-size Easton Incrediball.
  • Standard Major League Baseball rules will be followed for all other plays.
  • Although volunteer support will be available, we ask that players wishing to join this division are able to bat and field independently and follow directions to stay on task.

*NOTE* – The Miracle League of Arizona staff will determine the suitability/skill level for participants to play at this level. They will discuss with parent if this league is appropriate for child; however, final determination rests solely with the MLAZ staff.

Newcomers looking to have an athlete participate can click HERE to create a registration account with us, and join our mailing list. Please call our office at (480) 686-8137 should you have any questions!

Interested Volunteers, please go to our Volunteer Page for information on submitting an application.