Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play in the Miracle League?

Anybody with any kind of physical, emotional or cognitive special need is welcome to join the fun.  Previous baseball experience is not required.

When are the games played?

Miracle League of Arizona games are played each Fall, Winter and Spring all day on Saturday, plus under the lights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Where are the games played?

All Miracle League of Arizona games are played at our beautiful baseball stadium, located at 11130 East Cholla Street in Scottsdale.  Please see “Our Facility” under the “About Us” main menu option for information about the ballpark and playground.  Please see the “Contact Us” main menu option for a map to our facility.

What are the games like?

We offer adaptive baseball, at an accessible stadium, removing the barriers that would normally keep individuals with special needs off the field. Players are placed in a division based upon their age and skill level.

Each Miracle League player is issued an official major league uniform jersey with name and number on the back, plus a ball cap. Every player is introduced with his/her walk-up music.

Recreational division games are two-three innings and last approximately 45 minutes.  Every player bats, circles the bases, scores each inning.  Games end in a tie score, so each team wins.

Competitive division games are played with modified rules, last four innings and about an hour.  There are three outs per inning and the score is accurately kept.

How much does it cost to play?

With registration, there is a recommended, OPTIONAL $35 donation per sign-up. Donations are happily accepted, but we will not turn anyone away due to inability to cover the costs. If the registration fee is not affordable, participation is made possible by our generous donors.

What does a “Buddy” do?

Miracle Leaguers are paired with a volunteer ‘buddy’ who acts as a one-on-one friend and helper. Our games are success-oriented, so we encourage each player to do as much as they can on their own, and the buddies are there to assist with the rest. Sometimes a player may require hand over hand aid, where in other cases words of encouragement, high fives, or prompts on what to do next may be all that is needed.

How do I find out if games are cancelled due to a rain-out?

The best and easiest way is to visit this website,  On the HOME PAGE, you’ll see a “Breaking News” scrolling message at the top and at the bottom which is immediately updated in the event of a cancellation due to bad weather.  Immediate cancellation postings are also posted on our twitter (@MiracleLeagueAZ) and facebook pages ( There is no need to call our office.