I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do. It makes my Saturday every week. Although we drive almost 30 miles each way, it is so rewarding. To come into Miracle League and watch the sweet kids and know that my kids can help volunteer back is so heart warming.  I think that you and your organization and my son Jake’s passion for baseball and giving back (although he won’t voice it) is the best thing ever. Thanks again for all you and Miracle League has done for my son as well as so many others.

Tami Goldring & the Goldring Family

Once again, we want to thank the Miracle League of Arizona for another great season of baseball.  I can’t tell you how much Matt enjoys playing.  It has really given him more self confidence and it is so fun to watch him improve each season.  He has really blossomed both as a player and as a person participating in the competitive league.  Thanks to all who made this a reality.

Candy & Frank Yaconis