“The Miracle League of Arizona has gone above and beyond to provide incredible coaches, volunteers, baseball cards, walk up music, video boards, announcers, trophies, holiday events, and resources for families with special needs. The Miracle League of Arizona is a top-notch organization.”

– Troy Farnsworth –

“You are the greatest thing that has happened to Elijah. He always looked forward to playing his baseball. Loves the coaches and his new friends.”

– Paulette Kimball –

“I love that The Miracle League has become part of our family. Our girls enjoy playing ball. They love all off the friends they have made over the years. As a parent, I love watching the smiles on our girls faces and the excitement leading up to the day they get to play each week. Thank you for being there to take away the thoughts of doctors appts, therapies & procedures.”

– Michelle Lucero –

“Miracle league is a miracle for my son with Cerebral Palsy. He has blossomed with confidence and personal growth as a friend with the new kids. he loves the team and being a part of a sports league where he thrives and isn’t judged.”

– Julia Almoslino –

“Miracle league of Arizona is more than just a baseball field!! It’s a family! To be part of this family is a privilege. As a mother of a special needs child it’s the first place my son has belonged!!”

– Sheryl Weinstein –

“The Miracle League is a wonderful place for special needs kids and their families. The kids have such a wonderful time and it gives them such self-esteem. My son leaves every game with a big smile on his face. He always feels so proud. When they announce his name and he hears his walk on song he gets so excited and happy. We love and adore everyone involved with the Miracle League and thank you all so much for the special way you treat our kids.”

– Diane Diamond –

“We love Miracle League! The atmosphere, volunteers and staff and growing friendships is amazing for our son and the smile it brings to his face when he crosses home plate each time is priceless!!”

Meredith Sawicki

“Miracle League has become such an integral part of our lives during the seasons that I can’t imagine life without it. Our son has gained confidence and learned so much about being a good teammate and friend. Cannot say enough good things about the program and the people who run it and volunteer.”

– Steve Celardo –