Miracle League of Arizona -Health and Safety Protocols

The Miracle League of Arizona is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment and experience during the global Covid-19 pandemic. That includes eliminating the spread of the virus to the extent possible among all those that participate in activities at our stadium.

To achieve this objective, the Miracle League has developed the following Health and Safety Protocols applicable to all adaptive baseball events scheduled at our facility.

The Miracle League of Arizona encourages all eligible guests to be vaccinated prior to the start of the upcoming Fall 2021 season.  As a reminder, it is requested that anyone who exhibits Covid-19 symptoms, has knowingly been exposed to someone with the Covid-19 virus, or is generally sick with a fever and/or cough to stay home and not participate in activities at the ballpark.


  • Face coverings will be optional, unless otherwise required by State, County, or Scottsdale Unified School District mandates.
    • Face coverings, if worn, shall cover both nose and mouth
  • Face coverings will be available at the concession stand for anyone that may want one.


  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be inside each dugout, near the front entrance, at the concession area, and behind the announcer’s box.
  • Dugout benches will be sanitized after each game or session.


  • During previous family sessions and drive-up events, the Miracle League of Arizona has offered free bats for players. We will continue to offer this for each player that would like one and will sanitize any equipment at the facility that was used after each game or session.
  • Miracle League of Arizona will not be offering shared baseball helmets or gloves in the dugouts. We can provide a glove upon request for the player to keep, but if a player wants to wear a batting helmet, they must provide their own.
    • If players do have helmets or gloves, we ask that they not be shared with other players.
  • We also ask that players not share towels, water bottles, clothing, or other items while at the ballpark.


  • Staff, coaches, and non-immediate family members are encouraged to keep a safe distance from players as much as possible.


  • All drinks and snack items sold at the snack bar will be individually wrapped items, and we will encourage players and guests to consume these items before/after entering the dugouts and field.
  • Other than water, no food or drink is allowed on the field.


  • Sufficient time will be scheduled to facilitate complete exit of individuals from a game or session prior to the next group entering.
  • Once each game or session ends, we ask that all individuals exit the premises as quickly as possible so we can disinfect the equipment and used areas for the next group.
  • If players/groups arrive early, we ask that they remain outside of the ballpark until the previous group leaves.


  • Staff will frequently sanitize and clean often-touched surfaces.
  • Used equipment and surfaces will be sanitized in between each game or session.

To print a copy of these protocols, click HERE