FALL 2023 SEASON                                                WINTER 2024 SEASON                                              SPRING 2024 SEASON

September 30-November 11                                      January 6-February 17                                                      March 16-April 27

In order for Volunteers to participate with the Miracle League of Arizona as a buddy (for a full 6-7 week season commitment), they must do the following:

1. Have reached at least 10 years of age or be a player’s immediate family member.

2. Click the blue button below to officially register.

3.  Be prepared to enjoy a fun, rewarding experience.

For ONE-TIME Volunteers or those that cannot come on a regular basis, but still would like to participate:

Please email Drew Soicher, our Program Director drew@miracleleagueaz.com to arrange a time to volunteer with us.

For Volunteer Groups, please see our VOLUNTEER GROUPS page (button below) on this website to choose an available shift.

Volunteering Roles Available


One-on-one assistance for our athletes. We encourage athletes to do as much as they can on their own, and the buddies are there to help with the rest. Sometime it’s hand over hand assistance, while other times it’s simply running along side showing support and giving encouragement and high fives. Buddies provide friendship and support, both on and off the field.


We require that coaches have at least one season’s experience as a buddy before coaching.  Coaches take more of a supervision and structure role. They are there to help with sign ins, maintaining smooth flow of the game, ensuring proper equipment is used, matching buddies to athletes, and providing support. Coaches often will fill in as a buddy as needed.


Other roles that are equally as important and may sometimes need to be filled by various volunteers include playing catcher, bat boy or girl, helping with concessions and playground monitoring.

The expectation of ALL Volunteer roles is first and foremost enthusiasm and encouragement for our athletes. A crowd full of cheering and applause can make just as much of an impact as does playing the game itself.